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    What is Dynamic Simulation?

    Working with Dynamic simulation will be quite different than working with traditional simulation software in a number of areas:

    - Modeling is accomplished without having to write code: c#, c++, or scripting
    - Accurately modeling complex environments will require significantly less time due to the extensive user interface integrated into Simcad Pro.
    - The user base for dynamic simulation will be larger than with traditional simulation
    - Training and breaking through the learning curve can be accomplished in as little as 1-2 days allowing a new user to model intermediately complex operations very quickly
    - Dynamic, real-time model interaction allows the model to progress from the initial stages to the future state including scenario analysis, and optimization much more quickly and easily than with traditional simulation. Interacting with model, while it is running, allows the modeler to quickly realize the impact on the targeted area, as well as both upstream and downstream, without having to stop the model, modify code, and hope the changes have the intended impact.
    - Dynamic simulation enables the model to maintain live connections to external data sources throughout the simulation. This provides the capability for real-time interaction with PLC, RFID, GPS, Barcode, Electronic Records, and other real-time data.

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