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Healthcare Simulation

Within a Lab setting, the issues of excessive wait time, excess travel time, low equipment utilization, and increased operational cost daily are always present. Within the lab setting, it is important to improve efficiency and to reduce lead time. Simcad Pro is a sophisticated simulation engine that can be utilized to improve the overall efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness within a laboratory, which in turn increases possible workload and monetary gains.

Simcad Pro Health's patented dynamic simulation software provides managers, supervisors and other process improvement experts the ability to perform analysis, detect delays in throughput, and generate viable options for possible solutions. Because Simcad Pro provides an easy to use environment with collaborative capabilities, multiple users can work together to make improvements the model. "What-if" scenarios can be performed and then the model can be modified (increasing staff, changing layouts, etc...) to find the most feasible and appropriate solution. Changes can be made "on-the-fly" while the simulation is still running, which gives the users immediate feedback about the changes made, which reduces overall time spent on the model and saves money. Once changes are implemented, analysis can be done to come up with the optimum laboratory environment.

Live data (EMR systems, RFID, etc...) and historical data can be imported to provide statistically accurate information. With Simcad Pro, users have the ability to retrieve live or historical data, import CAD layouts from the laboratory and perform analysis. Because the Simcad Pro allows users to include actual data from the laboratory, generated information for analysis is accurate and reliable.

With the simulation of the laboratory built, parameters such as timing, resources, capacity, etc... can be imported from external data sources or input manually. Once the model is running as desired, users are able to visualize where backups are occurring and where changes are needed in order to increase efficiency. Changes in the number of staff members, number of resources, stations, etc... can be made while the simulation is still running so results can be seen immediately. The "on-the-fly" capabilities of Simcad Pro allows the users to see immediate results, therefore saving them time and energy. The "Simulation Analysis Report" provides a quick analysis on the model to identify poorly performing areas for resources and processes.


Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro Health Simulator:

  • Ability to change and edit features "On-the-fly"
  • Integrated optimization to reduce lead-time of product and increase throughput
  • Generate different work schedules for staff members to optimize resources
  • Data and information through "Simulation Analysis Report"
  • View the system as a whole and see where backups are occurring
  • View charts and graphs alongside the simulation to see the effects of possible changes
  • Import and export data to and from external sources
  • 3D visualization for presentations and added visual appeal
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