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Pharmaceutical Simulation

Healthcare Simulation

Like most sectors of the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical settings can often be unpredictable, making it difficult to achieve optimal service quality and efficiency. With the high costs associated with pharmaceuticals, it is important to optimize production and distribution time. Simcad Pro is a sophisticated simulation engine that can be utilized to improve the overall efficiency of a Pharmacy. Simcad Pro can be used to improve accuracy and effectiveness, allocate staff, forecast and analyze different scenarios, which can reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Using the patented dynamic simulation engine technology of Simcad Pro allows the users to perform analysis, detect delays and bottlenecks, and provide real and viable solutions with ease. Simcad Pro healthcare simulation software brings the simulation technology to everyone involved. Through the different features of Simcad Pro, users can perform "what-if" scenarios, virtually modify the operation (changing staffing, modifying product types, varying layouts, etc...) and visually view the effect of the changes on the overall productivity of the pharmacy. Changes can be made "on-the-fly" while the simulation is still running, therefore reducing the time required to do analysis and determine optimal settings for the pharmacy environment.

Live data (EMR system, RFID, etc...) and historical data can be utilized within the simulation to ensure that retrieved information is statistically accurate. With Simcad Pro's dynamic simulation software, the users can import CAD layouts of the facilities and perform analysis while automatically computing the travel distances.

Once the simulation model has been built and connected, parameters such as timing, resources, capacities, etc... can be imported from an external data source, such as Excel, or input manually. While the model is running, users can actually see where backups are occurring and where changes need to be made in order to increase efficiency. Because changes can be made "on-the-fly" to the number of staff members, layout, resources, etc... results of the changes can be seen immediately. Simcad Pro provides all the lean metrics needed, including generating Value Stream Maps, Value Network Maps, Spaghetti diagrams, routing analysis, OEE values and process efficiencies. Using the information generated from Simcad Pro, the user is able to make educated decisions on how to improve processes, which cut costs and improve performance and accuracy.


Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro Simulator:

  • Live tracking through RFID, GPS, PLC/OPC, Barcodes
  • Ability to import information and data from external sources
  • Ability to implement sequencing of emptying, filling and sanitation in order to reduce downtime
  • Inventory optimization.
  • Graphics and 3D animation can be added to the simulation to improve visualization and presentation
  • Users are able to use real-time visibility to recognize problems and solve them quickly
  • Alerts and notifications can be sent to in the event of changes or problems
  • Layouts can be changed dynamically to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Schedules can be set and altered to find optimal staffing levels
  • No code (such as c#, c++) is required
  • Automatically generated lean metrics and OEE
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