Simcad simulation modeling and analysis software

3D Simulation Modeling & Analysis

Simcad® lets you visualize, analyze and optimize process flow systems in an interactive 2D/3D simulation modeling environment. Plan, optimize, and re-arrange processes and procedures while optimizing layouts, facility improvement, automation and scheduling. Simcad® integrates live and historical data to provide the most effective simulation tool on the market.

Applications in multiple industries including manufacturing, automation, logistics, distribution warehouse, food and beverage, services, and more.

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Simcad 3D Simulation Software

The Most Scalable and User-Friendly Data-Driven Simulation Software.

Digital Twin Simulation - Modeling and Optimization - Virtual Reality - Physics

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Patented, Multi-Threaded, 64-bit Simulation engine designed to Speed Up Modeling & Analysis



Multi-Threaded - 64 bit Engine


  • Utilizing the latest technology, Simcad® Simulation Engine supports large simulation models, and unlimited data sets
  • Faster simulation runs utilizing all the processing power of your PC


Simcad® on-the-fly simulation - Make real-time changes to the model while the simulation is running


  • Validate the model development while the simulation is running, - Shorter model development cycle, faster analysis
  • Interactive optimization and model changes during the run provide increased understanding of model behavior
  • Real-time connectivity to data systems while the simulation is running

2D, 3D, & VR with Detailed Animation using Simcad's Singular Model Building Technology



Advanced Visualization with Simcad Simulation Software®


  • Automatically animate the model in 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality with Ray Tracing, light effect, and shadows
  • Display detailed animation of any station during the simulation run
  • Fully interactive VR integration provides live walk through within the model while the simulation is running
  • On-The-Fly interaction enables you to make changes and visualize their effects in real-time—no pausing, no waiting, no re-starting
  • Extensive support for external 2D and 3D file formats
  • Unlimited dashboard support in all views


Singular model building environment - Build your model and view constraints, process flow, manpower allocation, and animation in one interface.

manufacturing inventory simulation
warehouse simulation
automation robotics assembly simulation
warehousing simulation

Real-time Dashboards, Scenario Analysis and Comparison, Dynamic Reporting and Graphs



Spaghetti Diagrams, Congestion Analysis, Heat Maps, Efficiency and OEE.


Extensive reporting and analysis tools


  • Built in Scenario Analyzer tool with full graphing capability, interval analysis, variability and case analysis
  • Dynamically generated Value Stream Map and analysis
  • Custom Data Visualizer and Reporting
  • Analyze and compare model variability
  • Hover Reporting Capability Per object
  • Generate data distributions for all computed parameters
  • Simulation data-reset eliminates the effect of "warm-up" time
  • Load current state data for improved predictive analytics

Built-In Lean Analysis and
Dynamic Value Stream Mapping

Lean Analysis


Simcad Simulation Software with Builtin Value Stream Mapping

Simcad Simulation Software with Builtin Value Stream Mapping


Dynamically generate Value Stream Maps from the simulation model. By building a 2D or 3D representation of the operation, Simcad® dynamically generates the resulting value stream map.


  • Create, modify and generate Value Stream Maps
  • Value Stream Map content is dynamically updated from the simulation model
  • Changes to the model constraints impacts the Value Stream Map displays
  • Analyze and compare model variability
  • Compare actuals vs generated Value Stream values
  • Export Generated Value Stream Maps to pdf
  • Display Value Stream maps on top of the CAD layout, or in standard format
  • Display Spaghetti diagrams and congestion diagrams
  • Auto compute all OEE, Efficiencies, value added time, Non-Value Added time
  • Compute efficiency of each product production cycle based on BOM
  • Analyze and generate product families based on routing

Smart, Spatially Aware Agents, Sub-Flows, Collision Avoidance and Real-Time Connectivity

Additional Capabilities


Additional Features with Simcad®


  • Connect in real-time to unlimited external data systems
  • Sub-Flows and Model Layering allows for unlimited details within the model
  • Forecast product and equipment lifecycle with predictive analytics
  • Support for Spatially Aware Models
    • Spatially aware Smart Entities accurately mimic human & robot behavior
    • Includes collision detection and avoidance
    • Support for Smart Agents and Discrete Pathed Entities
  • Integrated Physics Engine
  • Integrated Neural Network Optimizer - Learns from the model, generates faster optimization
  • Integrated Schedule Optimizer
  • Support for Monte Carlo runs, model variability, shifts, Distribution fitting and more...

Benefits of Simcad Simulation Modeling and Optimization in Multiple Industries


Manufacturing simulation

  Manufacturing Simulation →

Visualize detailed assembly operations, manpower allocation, automation detail and materials handling.

Healthcare simulation

  Healthcare Simulation →

Optimize patient flow, bed allocation, scheduling, capacity and supply chain, and reduce patient wait times.

Logistics simulation

  Logistics Simulation →

Optimize delivery routes, inventory size, transportation costs, as well as load content and sequencing.

Warehouse simulation

  Warehouse Simulation →

Analyze pick & replenishment strategies, and improve slotting, shipping and receiving practices.

Automation simulation

  Automation Simulation →

Automating? Validate implementation and interaction with support for AGVs, ASRS, robots and conveyors.

Food & Beverage simulation

  Food & Beverage Simulation →

Analyze mixing and holding tank schedules to optimize product flow. Analyze CIP and packaging procedures.

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Simcad Simulation Modeling Software - Licensing Models

Licenses & Features

Simcad® is licensed as a Yearly Subscription licenses, Simcad DT® contains all the features and modules in the Simcad® set.

Simcad® Training - Dedicated and customized to your team. Our training sessions are designed to help you build your model faster and get a head start on your modeling efforts.

Simcad simulation software

Integrated Lean Metrics and Value Stream Mapping

With every model built, Simcad® automatically computes and generates the model value stream map and all required lean analysis

Including Spaghetti Diagrams, heat maps, efficiency and OEE analysis. Simcad® also provides an extensive list of reporting and analysis tools to further improve the lean analysis environment:

  • Updates to the model constraints are dynamically transferred to the Value Stream Map and analysis
  • Built in Scenario Analyzer tool with full graphing capability, interval analysis, variability and case analysis
  • Automated scenario control generation
  • Analyze and compare model variability
  • Generate data distribution for all tracked parameters
  • Simulation data-reset eliminates the effect of "warm-up" time

Extensive, Integrated Functionality to Model the most Complex Operations.

Real-Time Data and External Connectivity

External Data Systems (Extensive connectivity to most data systems) - Unlimited number of external data connections or applications.

Connect prior to, during, and after the simulation run. Analyze data with the built in scenario manager, or export it to a wide variety of applications.

  • Integrated connectivity tools to most data systems including WMS, ERP, WCS, EMR/EHR, databases and Excel
  • Use actual data to increase model accuracy, support seasonality transition analysis, improve validation, and increase model flexibility
  • Automation capabilities include AGV's, AS/RS, Robots, and other automated equipment

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