New Features

What are New Features in Simcad Pro® 13.3 VR / Physics and Simcad Pro Health® 13.3 VR / physics
Simcad Pro® 13.3 now supports the Oculus@ VR glasses with animated 3D view of the flow. The new Simcad Pro 13.3 release allows for model changes to be dynamically applied to the VR world, results and stats from the model update in real-time. The VR view is dynamically generated based on model progress, with live changes and analysis. In addition to the VR changes,

the following new features are included:

  • Enhanced 64-bit multi-threaded engine with improved speed - Unlimited model size, Unlimited Data
  • Fully functional Physics engine for more detailed material movement analysis and design
  • Upgraded Lean analysis – Spaghetti Diagram, Heat Maps, Congestion Analysis
  • Enhanced search and replace functionality, with extension cleanup option
  • Enhanced 3D rendering and upgraded VR
  • New and improved 3D engine with more light effects, shadows, and material support
  • Improved built in wizards to create fully functional racks, ASRS, allowing for dynamic rack and ASRS updates
  • Improved search and replace feature designed to simplify extension tracking and updates
  • Enhanced simulation engine to make better use of multi-core processors
  • Support for IGES/Step file format
  • File size optimization and enhanced base module support
  • Enhanced zoom and display support
  • Expanded external module import/export with support for base module controls
  • Speed improvement for large models (more than 3000 processes)
  • Additional Racks and Warehsouse images
  • Tree based structure for the Internal Base modules
  • In addition to a number of fixes and improvements
  • Read More on Simcad Pro Simulation Software - Now Supporting Virtual Reality & Physics



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