New Features

Simcad Pro with VR/Physics and Smart Entities

What are New Features in Simcad Pro® - Interactive Dynamic Simulator 14.2 - VR/Physics and Smart Entities - Build 3280

CreateASoft, Inc. announces the releases Simcad Pro V14.2 and Simcad Pro Health V14.2.

  • Smart Entities - Smart Objects, Carriers and Resources

    • Improved Smart Entity run time speed, control and efficient use of Multi-Threading technology.
    • Smart Entities use the spatial representation of the model to figure out the optimum path to their destination.
    • Smart Entities perform collision detection with other entities and dynamically reroute their direction of travel.
    • Smart Entities can be converted to regular entities (and back to Smart Entities) at any times in the simulation.
    • Cartesian moves and intelligent collision avoidance.
    • Improved Carrier and Assembly handling when carrying objects.
    • Improved pathing with additional controls to detect potential collisions.
  • Simulation Control and Interfaces

    • Improved model building experience: create double lines, insert new processes by dropping them on Connection Lines, and better smart entities control.
    • Improved load speed, module application, drawing speed and other interface features due to better use of multi-threading technology.
    • Aisle passing control based on the spatial representation of the model. Control constrained spaces with the new look-ahead feature to predict collision avoidance within a certain distance.
    • Ability to capture MP4 videos directly from the view menu. This replaces the AVI movie capture in previous versions.
  • Simulation Engine and feature updates

    • More tools are provided to support differnt size entities, behavior control, and other look ahead and collision avoidance options.
    • Ability of Smart Entities to utilize connection lines when available or free flow through the special representation of the model.
    • Improved internal pathing and path optimization.

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Simulation By Industry

 Business Simulation

Real-Time interactive 3D simulation environment to improve, optimize and visualize process flow systems.

  • What is static simulation and dynamic simulation?
  • Business success with simulation
  • Free simulation Demo - schedule your demo today


distribution warehouse simulation


Analytics And Inventory Management - Full support for AGV, ASRS, tuggers, conveyors, robots, and material handling equipment.

  • Slotting, picking, receiving, shipping analysis & optimization
  • Optimizing overall warehouse efficiency with schedule & staffing
  • Conveyance layout & design and capacity planning & scheduling


manufacturing simulation

 Manufacturing & Automation

Using Dynamic Simulation brings operations into a virtual environment, taking away all the risk of costly experimentation.

  • Lean manufacturing & assembly implementation
  • Bulk manufacturing - kilgore flares
  • Material handling optimization - the eaton cutler-hammer


logistics simulation


Proactive management with real-time forecasting and dynamic simulation for lean logistics, distribution center, and supply chain.

  • Improving logistics efficiency with dynamic simulation
  • Tracking and traceability of products throughout the network
  • Simulation of material handling inside a distribution center


 Predictive Analytics

Next generation predictive analytics and dynamic simulation, real-time integrated solution providing predictive analytics.

  • Business process improvement - simulation ROI
  • VSM + Simulation and Analysis
  • Empowering Industry 4.0, IOT, Tracking & predictive analytics


healthcare simulation


Improving the ED, OR Department, Radiology, labs, bed allocation, room specialty schedule and internal supply chain with simulation.

  • Connecting the data and simulation for capacity analysis
  • Expand treatment flows and allocate providers for planning / scheduling
  • Optimize patient flow and reduce patient wait times



simulation by industry