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What is Simulation?

What is Simulation? - Simulation Explained

Simulation software and methodology have been successfully used in supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing for many years and will continue to play a major role in these industries. The drive for more efficient operations, producing more with less, and constantly increasing and refining quality has been the driving force in adopting simulation software. Moreover, the heavy shift toward lean thinking and six sigma methods coupled with increasing operational variability have forced many companies to introduce dynamic predictive technologies to be an integral part of their daily operation procedures.

Business Success with Simulation

Ensuring Success with Simulation

Simulation is an approximation of reality, the level to which it mimics reality depends on the tool and method used to implement the simulation model. The closer the simulation model mimics reality, the better its results and analysis are, while the faster the model is built and validated the greater the return on investment.

Lean Manufacturing & Assembly Software

Manufacturing Simulation

The manufacturing environment is faced with many challenges that must be properly identified, analyzed and optimized prior to implementing any operational changes. Because of the integrated nature of manufacturing environments, each component has the ability and possibility of affecting another component within the system. Due to the high inter-connectivity of the system, special attention must be paid to possible changes and how these changes affect overall system productivity and functionality. With Simcad Pro dynamic simulation, manufacturing operations have the ability to mitigate and reduce risk with the proper planning of processes prior to the implementation of changes.


The Role of Dynamic Simulation® in Process Improvement Initiatives - In every industry, from manufacturing to services, logistics and healthcare, there is an increasing need to do more with less, increase efficiency while reducing cost, and improve utilization while maximizing...

Constraint Based Manufacturing - Molded Fiber Glass Manpower Optimization

Molded Fiber Glass had a modest beginning in 1948 in Ashtabula, Ohio, near the shores of Lake Erie. Robert S. Morrison, our founder, and a handful of dedicated men and women worked diligently together to mass-produce the first commercial products using polyester resins and fiberglass reinforcements. The watershed event in the composites industry took place in 1953. MFG was chosen to produce all FRP parts for the Corvette. This led to the FRP boats, which MFG commercialized in 1955. Since those early days, MFG has grown substantially, sometimes with great difficulty.

Improving Manufacturing Practices with Dynamic Simulation


THE ROLE OF DYNAMIC SIMULATION IN PROCESS IMPROVEMENT INITIATIVES - In every industry, from manufacturing to services, logistics and healthcare, there is an increasing need to do more with less, increase efficiency while reducing cost...

Simulation Software Comparison and Advantages

Next generation dynamic simulator operates under an entirely different paradigm than traditional static tools. The graphical interface used to build models does not generate or compile code since it interfaces directly with the multi-core simulation engine. When the simulation starts, the animation instantly displays, both in 2D and 3D , the current state of the engine. As inefficiencies develop, real time modifications can be made to model properties and constraints. These “on-the-fly” changes allow users to instantly realize potential gains and perform dynamic optimization.

Automation Line - Automation Technologies Industries (ATI)

Automation Technologies Industries (ATI), a leader in factory automation, takes advantage of Simcad to demonstrate solution feasibility of a new conveyor line implementation for a major automotive manufacturer. The total value of this project will exceed $1.8 Million - we now have the contract and purchase order.

Value Stream Map - Value Stream Efficiency Analysis

Simulation Information

LEAN ====> Eliminate Waste. Increase Efficiency

It has been proven that Lean methods improve efficiency, reduce cost, and increase the overall profitability of organizations. Although different variations of these methods have been applied to different industries, the fact remains, that if implemented correctly, Lean methods work. Today's organizations need to be very adaptive, and very dynamic in the way they react to consumer demand; and what better way to adapt than with a dynamic tool? Avoid lost opportunity and lost revenue, by eliminating slow operational response with Simcad Pro 's patented dynamic technology.

Workflow Automation Simulation Software

Manufacturing Simulation

With fluctuations in manufacturing costs and the seemingly unpredictable economic climate, it is imperative to make every effort to increase productivity, fully utilize resources and decrease or eliminate possible bottlenecks. Simcad Pro is a sophisticated simulation engine that can be utilized to improve the overall efficiency of an assembly operation while using automation. Users of Simcad Pro have shown increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency, helping to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of their products. 

Process Modeling Simulation Software

Implementing Simcad Pro In Your Environment Is A Simple 3 Step Process:

  • 1.) Graphically create the model flow and constraints without the need for code (GUI interfaces directly to the engine)
  • 2.) Make "on-the-fly" model changes to model constraints and parameters during the simulation run then view your results using Simcad Pro's built in lean reports and onscreen graphs/gauges to obtain the optimal operational improvements.

Manufacturing Assembly Line Simulation Software

Manufacturing Simulation

With rising costs in manufacturing, it is important to make every effort to reduce bottlenecks, improve efficiency and utilize resources fully. Simcad Pro is a sophisticated dynamic simulation engine that can be utilized to improve the overall efficiency of an assembly line. Users of Simcad Pro have experienced increased efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy within their assembly lines, meaning increased profits. Additionally, staff allocation and shifts can be better forecast and analyzed, reducing the overall cost of the operation while increasing utilization of available resources.

Modeling Simulation Software

Most simulation tools available on the market today provide an interface to allow for model creation, a simulation engine, and a post-simulation analysis tool. The user interface is setup as either a pure coding environment, or a visual interface that creates code in the background, either way, coding is required to do any type of useful modeling. After the code is built and compiled, the simulation engine would run for a set amount of time after which the user is presented with the data to be either animated or charted.

Monte Carlo Simulation Software

Monte Carlo simulations can be used to study the variability of the model and determine the model behavior boundaries along with the expected performance. In simulation models that contain variable failure rates, variable processing rates at each stations, and variable inputs, Monte Carlo simulation runs can be a tremendous asset to any organization in order to understand the intricate behavior of the model environment. Simcad Pro created models benefit from the fact that Simcad Pro integrates all the tools required to run and analyze Monte Carlo simulations quickly and effectively. Coupled with the patented On-the-fly dynamic model updates, Simcad Pro provides an unprecedented simulation environment unmatched in the industry.

Bulk Manufacturing - Kilgore Flares

Kilgore Flares is one of four operating companies in ATK's Conventional Munitions Group. It designs and produces small, medium, and large caliber ammunition, munitions propellants, commercial gunpowder, infrared decoy flares, munitions primers and tracers. Based in the United States, Kilgore is the largest supplier of conventional IR decoys to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Material Handling Optimization - The Eaton Cutler-Hammer facility


The Eaton Cutler-Hammer facility has two separate areas of assembly. Eleven production lines compose the Load Center Assembly Area while 17 production lines compose the Metering/Meter Breaker/ACD Assembly Area. Currently, 11 fork trucks are used in the facility to bring parts from receiving to storage where they can be picked up when needed by the assembly lines. Fork trucks also take packaged goods from finished assembly to shipping. Fork truck drivers are often dedicated to one or two assembly lines in an attempt to meet their every need and to ensure that the assembly process does not incur downtime.

Plant Efficiency Improvement - Collins & Aikmans Rantoul Plant


Collins & Aikman's Rantoul Plant One currently maintains two of their three assembly lines in operation for the production of instrument panels for various automotive manufacturers. These lines are supplied with plastic components produced by high-tonnage injection molding machines within the plant and parts from external suppliers. In order to facilitate material flow within the plant, numerous high-low fork trucks are utilized in the material handling process.

High Mix Manufacturing

manufacturing simulation

Within a high mix/low volume manufacturing scenario, the same categorical object is made, but it uses different and customization parts, shapes, colors, etc... Within this type of manufacturing setting, it is important to learn how to most effectively create the desired products. Because of the high level of variability in the operation, related costs can often be high. Simcad Pro is a sophisticated simulation engine that can be utilized to improve the overall efficiency of manufacturing, which in turn can improve output of products and increase profits.

Business Process Improvement - Simulation Software ROI

With the current state of today's economy, industry professionals throughout the nation are looking for process improvement methods to lower cost and increase efficiency; while achieving sustainable, competitive edge. With many challenges surrounding the validation of a proposed solution, process optimization often evades the best of us.

Comparison Of Simulation Software

Simulation Information

Simcad Pro Question & Answer

1.) How long has Simcad Pro been on the market?

The first version of Simcad Pro was released in February of 1996. Since then, and through customer feedback, CreateASoft successfully added most of the requested features. For that reason, Simcad Pro features list is customer driven and contains the required capabilities to handle today's complex business world.